SCM & Change Management

Bave Technologies, Inc is the name of standard in the filed of Softare Configuration Management. Bave Technologies proficiency is not limited to a specific tool, they are specialized in installing and configuring all major SCM tools in the market. Team Foundation Server 2008/2010, Subversion, Perforce, Ant, Maven, MSBuild, CruiseControl, Jenkins(Hudson), Anthill Pro, ..etc are some of the tools we can help you in installing and configuring. We are known for providing software services in migrating your old source control tool to your choice of new source control tool. Having expertise in all phases of SDLC is another speciality of Bave Technologies SCM group.

Team TFS:

BAVE Technologies market research team find an importent need of the market, from the past 2 years Software field is in need of higly qualified Team Foundation Server professionals. TFS is an enterprise tool which is a one stop solution for different needs of an enterprise.. like Source Control Management, Build and Deployment, Build Automation, Bug Tracking, Reporting, Integrated testing, Project Management. To meet this market need we came up with Team TFS, this team is professionally trained in Team Foundation Server configuration to use the tool to the full extent.

Portal Development :

We have a strong team with 12+ yrs of extensive experience in architecting Enterprise Systems, System analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of Web-based and E-commerce based business applications using N tier architecture with Java, J2EE, IBM Websphere, WCM, Portal development, Web Services, Tomcat, Sun Access Manager, EJB, MDB, MQ, Struts, JSP, JDBC, Jakarta POIs and Commerce Technologies.

Few salient features of the team include:

  • Senior Websphere portal developers
  • Extensive experience in design and development of JSR portlets using websphere portlet factory, building client side   aggregated themes, inter portlet communication
  • Experience in portal migration from websphere portal 7.0 to websphere portal 8.5
  • Experience in building services to pull content from teamsite and Adobe experience manager
  • Experience in customizing administration pages for various audience.
  • Expert Level Skills in developing and deploying Themes and Skins in Portal Projects.
  • Expert Level Skills in Single sign-on, personalization, customization, responsive/mobile web design, development and deployment using IBM Websphere Application; Portal servers.

Cloud Services :

Bave Technologies provides various Cloud services including Solution Architect, Cloud Development and Administration, designing applications on AWS and Azure. We build scalable internet applications and large-scale distributed systems, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS for all business models including B2B B2C, B2E, C2C. We have expert team with experience on EMR, S3, Data Pipeline, API Talent, Solr and Kibana, APIs, RESTful services and integrate with other data providers, and know when to use JSON or XML, solid understanding of networking and core Internet protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, and distributed networks.

BIG Data Technologies :

Bave Technologies is expertized to provide services for BIG Data technologies using various tools like HDFS, MapReduce, HBase, Apache PIG, SQOOP, FLUME, OOZIE. We help you understand and provide solutions for challenges processing big data. We support Hadoop Installation on Linux, All other ecosystems installations on Linux, Cluster setup (200 Nodes cluster) knowledge sharing with setup document using Cloudera & Hortonworks

HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

  • HDFS architecture, Configuration and Administration
  • HDFS daemons and its functionalities
  • Name Node, Secondary Name Node, Data Node setup
  • Data Storage and replication in HDFS
  • Cluster Administration Utilities
  • Rebalancing HDFS DATA
  • Copy Large amount of data from HDFS


  • Map Reduce architecture, Installation, Configuration
  • Write Map Reduce jobs, custom Input Formatters and its Record Readers, Sequence File Output Formatter
  • Running the Map Reduce jobs in local mode and distributed mode
  • Write Map Reduce Keys and Values
  • Use of Compression techniques
  • Dive into Counters – Job Counters & User Defined Counters
  • Sql operations using Java MapReduce

Apache HIVE

  • Hive Architecture, Installation and Configuration, Driver, Compiler, Semantic Analyzer
  • Hive Integration with Hadoop
  • Hive, Map-Reduce and Local-Mode
  • Hive DLL and DML Operations, Hive QL
    • Hive with HBASE Integration
    • UDFs in Hive

Apache Hbase

  • Hbase installation and Architecture
  • WriteAhead Log
  • Mapreduce integration
  • Mapreduce over Hbase

Services List


  • SCM & Change Management
  • Portal Development
  • BIG Data Technologies
  • Program and project management
  • Strategy and marketing


  • Information technology
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Development Strategy
  • People and organizational change

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